Why You Need a Specialized Approach to PR

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If you were suffering from a chronic health condition like vertigo or asthma, you wouldn’t go see a dentist. You’d seek out the advice and care of a specialist, likely someone who has extensive experience and expertise in your area of concern. Like you’d pick a specialist to deal with a specific malady or medical issue, businesses and brands should choose a PR partner in the same way. 

At Media Minefield, our team specializes in earned media interviews, social media messaging and crisis communication. Before our first meeting with a client, we do extensive research to identify their current PR and marketing efforts and how we can help achieve their communication goals. Our background as trained journalists, graphic designers and social media experts provides us with a unique skill set that allows us to succeed in each one of these areas. 

Earned Media Interviews 

Your reputation means everything as a business owner, brand or executive, and one way to build credibility is through earned media. According to a Harris Poll, more than 80% of consumers actively look for recommendations when making a purchase of any kind. 

Whether you’re choosing a real estate agent or financial advisor or simply picking out a product at the supermarket, referrals and recommendations matter. Earned media interviews are like a third party stamp of approval, and Media Minefield is made up of earned media experts - trained journalists! Our team knows how the news business works and maintains strong relationships with media outlets across the country. 

Social Media Services

Social media has given us all an outlet to share our personalities, stories and messages with the rest of the world. The same is true for businesses and brands. One of the most effective ways to control and define your brand as an executive or a company is through social media. It’s a direct pipeline to both current and prospective customers and employees. 

We know what works on social media to get you and your business noticed. Our unique process allows us to define and create customized messaging for all social media platforms. Intentional content is key in connecting with the right audience, and our messaging experts know what translates on social media. Whether you already have an established presence on social media or you are starting from scratch, our team will deliver results. 

Media Minefield also offers “a la carte” services to meet clients’ needs. Our team can help share your message online through blogs, vlogs and thought leadership articles. 

Crisis Communication

The best time to plan for a crisis is before a crisis happens. From identifying potential spokespersons to crafting social media statements, a strong crisis communication plan is critical in preserving your reputation and protecting your brand. We have experienced and award-winning investigative journalists on our team who know what the media expects and will demand during a crisis. We can develop a plan in the event something bad happens or we can audit your current crisis plan. If you are in the midst of a crisis, don’t fear! Our team can also help with immediate media training and crisis response. 

Whether you’re considering hiring a PR firm or already have a communications plan in place, consider choosing a PR partner based on what they specialize in. One-size-fits-all firms just aren’t the answer for many companies who have different marketing and communications needs in this changing world.