Why it Pays to Unlock the Power of Your Story

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As a team of trained journalists, creatives and social storytellers, Media Minefield plays a unique role in helping people unlock the power of their story. The majority of our non-crisis clients are looking to grow their business and increase awareness, so our story-centric solution typically includes a combination of news coverage, social media storytelling and thought leadership articles.

Storytelling is about more than just sharing information or emotions; it also connects you, your business or brand to your target audience. And ultimately, stories influence buying decisions. Think about your own buying habits - How often have you made a purchase or supported a business because of a story you heard or a review you read? 

The Science of Stories 

Science proves that when a story accompanies information, the person hearing it has a greater chance of remembering it than if they heard the same information presented as data. If stories help people remember a brand, it’s no surprise advertisers are developing campaigns around a main character or a story. 

Discover Your Story 

If you don’t think your story is interesting, you aren’t alone. Most people, including people with fascinating stories, don’t believe their story is valuable. And based on my experience, even fewer people know how to tell their story in a way that can impact or influence someone else. 

To discover your story, start by getting curious about your “why”. Why do you do what you do? Which part of your work do you love? When did you realize you were good at this? What do you do outside of work? Can you tell this story in less than one minute? There are likely some seeds that belong in a LinkedIn post or in your professional bio. I encourage you to use storytelling the next time you introduce yourself to someone new. 

Unlock its Power

Sharing your story is what unlocks the power in it. There are different avenues to share your message and each serves a different purpose. One way to share your story is on social media. A recent study shows 74% of shoppers are influenced by what they see on social media. Sharing a brand story or a business leader’s story on social media shows an authentic side to a company and greatly increases interaction and engagement. 

Our clients who hire Media Minefield to tell their stories in meaningful ways on social media using our Positive Online PresenceSM service (POP® for short) are regularly finding new connections, new business and new opportunities. Every leader has a story, and sharing it will help build brand awareness. Unlocking the power of a story is essential, and if it’s done well, you will quickly see the return.