How Business Leaders Can Balance Social Media and Privacy

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“What about my privacy and my family’s?”

It’s the question I regularly get from executives when I teach them about the value of becoming more transparent and active on social media to help their companies and careers.

In today’s environment, people want to work for and work with authentic leaders with interests and relationships outside the office. A recent study shows 82 percent of potential employees look into a CEO’s online presence when weighing whether to join a company, making it critical for leaders to control the narrative by authentically and strategically crafting their online personal brand. 

It is valuable to share details about your family, friendships, and hobbies on your social media platforms. However, there are many approaches to accomplishing whole-person transparency in an authentic way.

Click here to read my Inc. article where I go more in-depth on my top three tips to guide you through privacy issues:

  1. Set boundaries
  2. Establish intent
  3. Get approval