3 Reasons Every Brand Needs Public Relations

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Some leaders consider public relations as a strategy to deploy during particularly positive or negative moments in a business lifecycle like a new product launch, award announcement, or during a crisis. The reality is an ongoing proactive approach increases the impact and more accurately ensures your desired outcome during moments when maximum exposure is helpful to drive business objectives. In my Inc. article, there are three responses to the question I get all the time: Why is PR important for brands?

1. Create awareness and visibility
Effective PR efforts must increase brand awareness and be aligned with ideal outcomes and goals. Consider the intended audiences in your approach since there is rarely only one potential audience. Creating awareness and visibility through ongoing strategies like promoting thought leadership, highlighting internal company culture, and celebrating customer wins elevate business strategies.

2. Establish credibility and authority
We often think about businesses and brands needing credibility, but it’s just as important today for the leadership team of any business to establish their credibility and authority. While most leaders can’t possibly get to know every customer, investor, and employee, they can leverage public relations tactics to benefit the business. A solid brand PR strategy should incorporate leaders and their social media channels.

3. Manage the brand’s reputation
At Media Minefield, our team of crisis communication experts likes to say “Bad things happen to good businesses.” It’s not a matter of if a crisis will impact your business but when. Whether it’s an internal communication misstep or a full-blown national headline, managing your reputation through PR will help you weather the storm.