5 Tips Leaders Can Learn From Celebrity Influencers

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When you hear the term "influencer" in social media, someone famous with millions of followers likely comes to mind. When I'm speaking to groups of executive leadership teams about the power of social media, they usually call out names like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, or Logan Paul.

However, I argue executives, entrepreneurs, and those in the C-suite are influencers, too. You influence your customers, potential customers, current and future employees, and your digital legacy. Only you can be in the driver's seat to take control.

Click here to read my Inc. article and learn five things in a celebrity influencer's social media playbook you can implement right now to make a positive impact on your business and personal brand.

1. Define your sphere of influence

Defining your audience and goals will give your content purpose and will help you understand who you are trying to reach and with what message. 

2. Determine your desired digital legacy

Just as celebrities take great care in crafting their legacy, you should too. What people find about you could influence if someone buys from you, wants to work with you, or if you are invited to join a board.

3. Share authentic stories

No one has the same origin, customer, or employee stories as you. These stories are rich in content that should be shared on social media. They add a personal touch, and with the right strategy--insights that are unique to you. 

4. Engage with your audience

Posting isn't enough. Engage with others in your industry who are also online. Comment on their posts and reply to people who comment on your posts. Ask questions to encourage engagement with your content.

5. Understand how to propel company messages

When your company is launching a new initiative or making an exciting announcement, the executives' social platforms should be included in the plan to boost engagement and reach, and that strategy needs to include more than simply reposting the company's message.

Take a lesson from household brands and celebrities alike; when it's time to make an announcement, each social channel is sharing a version of the same message. In that same way, each member of an executive team is an influencer with a unique audience and opportunity to engage and extend the company's objectives.